Basement Flooring

basement flooring tilesSwiftDeck interlocking tiles can be one of the most effective solutions for overcoming your damp basement flooring problems.... plus they are quick to install, attractive and hard wearing.

The main advantage in laying SwiftDeck over the top of existing basement floors is that the inbuilt plastic base lifts the surface off the damp concrete floor and prevents tracking of moisture to the wood surface. And as the tiles have gaps between individual wood slats, air can circulate freely under and around the tiles which assists in drying the concrete underneath. So not only will you have an attractive wood floor, but you'll be able place items such as cardboard boxes etc directly on the tiles, and avoid the worry of them becoming damp and disintegrating.

Of course if your basement suffers from excessive dampness including moisture on the walls, then you may need to call in professional help, but for a quick and effective basement flooring solution, then SwiftDeck could be the answer.

Installing SwiftDeck in your basement is both quick and easy. You start by placing the first tile in one of the corners and then proceed to lay the remainder of the tiles by simply snapping them in position, working in an expanding triangular fashion across the room. When you come to the opposite walls, you can easily cut the tiles to fit the remaining gap with just a handsaw or power saw.

The only particular point you may need to consider is if you have a door opening inwards into the basement. Because the tiles are 1 3/16" high including the plastic base, at the door opening you may need to consider one of the following options:

a. Trimming the base of the door so it will clear the tiles
b. Adjusting the door hinges so that the door swings outwards instead of inwards
c. Leaving a space on the floor where the door opens into the basement. You could perhaps fill this area with e.g. a rubber mat and then use our transition strips (reducers) around the inside edge of the space where you have removed the tiles to provide a sloping transition to the floor level. Although we don't specifically have reducer pieces for inner corners, you can simply cut a standard straight transition piece at a 45° miter for the inner corners.


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